Harmony of Tao and skill Outstanding talent of the country

  One. Appreciation vision field and commenting on art through hand

  For the appreciation of traditional Chinese painting figure, there had been the theory of adding the finishing touch. The three wonders of talent, painting and craziness for describing Gu Kaizhi had never occurred since the existence of the common people, a verse line of a vivid portrayal is right in the eyesas the teachings of the deceased had been publicized to the distant, governing traditional Chinese figure painting for a lengthy period! The theory does sum up some artistic laws. However, up to now there is always and everywhere about the eye, which will indeed make people feel in a bad mood, and a bit bored.

  While commenting on craftsman, people often say a pretty good craftsmanship. Being inspired, I turn my attention from eyeball to having a glimpse of hand paying attention to the description of hand of the figure in the painting, and commenting on skills through hand, talking nonsense about high-low, judging painters hand skill, whether it is Chinese or westernpainting, without discerning traditionaloil. Even a food may sometimes have an idea hand is the second eye of a figure; mouth is the second face!

  (One)All the wonderful hands from numerous master-hands.

  It is difficult to paint hand while painting a person. While appreciating the worlds famous oil painting works, with a brief view, the author is glad to see the numerous handsemerge endlessly and master-handsstanding in great numbers, with each marking its own style, and presenting its own splendor; of course, though some are famous works, in my humble opinion, they still have weaknesses, with a bit tiny flaws. The summary is seen as follows.

  Paintings about thematic hand. Russian Vasiliy Polenovs takes the womens fate as the theme, artistically revealing the trample upon the young girl by the despicable social transaction: the right hand of the head-lowering bride is of very tender texture, at the pictures centre of gravity; the drooping left hand is feebly paleRepins tragic theme entitled : of the first two in the 11 barge haulers , one right arm protrudes and hangs down, weary and helpless, though the hand is not eye-catching, a perfect harmony with the theme. Et in Arcadia ego(Nicolas Poussin France): the hand movement of four persons in the picture is exaggerated and vivid, in coincidence with eyes, their handsare talking, it is hard to guess and understand the meaning, thus no need to guess, the fabulous fun is often wonderfully produced. Rubens Queen Mary Landing in Port Marseilles: the flowing rhythm of the jade-like hand of Queen Mary in splendid attire, especially the right hand, forming a sharp contrast with the muscular left arm and left hand of the first welcomer in the face of her. The depiction of the arms for the man with beard and hair at the lower left quarter of the picture is powerful, which can be regarded as the playing the second movement of the art work. Delacroixs(France) has a tremendous momentum, compact structure, blazing tone, bold and unrestrained vigor of strokes. The right arm of the person holding up the flag is at the light spot, with flowing and rigid lines, the power of the hand-gripping can be touched and felt. For the men wearing hat and holding gun, two hands gripped tightly, with accurate and natural shapes and lines. Though the hands of the man holding gun slightly look big, with the meaning of exaggeration, the impression suits the condition , fitting the artistic law; the entire picture forms the emotional manifesto of flag-hand. The religious-themed (Raphael): Virgin Mary goddess, baby Christ, Pope Sistine II, disciple Varvara etc., all the hands are talking together, with a good taste, and they shall come out when being called out, extremely wonderful. Especially Mary and the baby, seeing from hand to foot, the feet seem to be able to talk too...the endless Raphael, the endless , the endless wonderful hands turning into languagesalways the great Raphael!

  Golden and immortal hand. The most classic, is nothing better than Mona Lisa, and golden work with its name left to posterity! Mona Lisa presents a subtle smile, reserving feeling at her forehead, like the recognition in emotion recognition software: happiness 83%, hatred 9%, fear 6%, anger, 2%??? In my humble opinion, the expression of the painting brush in Mona Lisa not only lies in the subtle smile, but also lies in the hand .The authentic feel, keen observation, accurate strokes......The ingenious and exquisite Da Vincis works condense in the hand, just like willow loving spring: gentle, noble Mona Lisa has a pair of remarkable hands: bright and tender; soft; plump! The hand is the second face of Mona Lisa!

  A bit defective hand (Kramskoy)is the love poem of oil painting, The figure- environment are in harmony and unity. For hand, though having dynamic beauty, the concrete lines are vague. Lothurr Leightons : if life is presented in the classical approach, it is unavoidable to be rigid, lacking real feelings. Even the hands of mother and daughter have no anima. The (Giorgione Italy): Venus presents the beauty of nature, making me feel amazed each time I appreciate the painting ! It is rich in the nude beauty with vitality and beauty of mind with sublimed spirit, chieving the harmony and integration. Though hands in the painting are the visual focus, in terms of technique, the treatment setting is higher than detail description; the lines of the left arm are more smooth, slightly short of strength. Portrait of HelenaFuhrman (Rubens): both hands of heroine crossing in front of her bosom, with left hand half-hidden, right hand turning into a bright spot, but the accuracy of lines still lacks adequate conquering force. .Caravaggios : the right hand of the person to be spaed lies in the center of the picture, the thumb moving with a natural degree, seems to express his infinite trust towards the spaewife. In contrast, the right hand of the spaewife has some movement, she is looking at the person being spaed, pretending to be serious about it, while her confidence is not full. The holding degree, gesture of the spaewifes left hand, together with the shape,proportion of the left hand of the person to be spaed, all seem to be with some flaws, so that I am not willing to flatter.

  Invisible and wonderful hand. While painting a person it is difficult to paint hands, have you not heard it since ancient times? Portrait of Shishkin (Kramskoy Russia) highlights the appearance of Russian Nature Singer, beautifully bearded up to his cheek bones, with an open and frank disposition. His two hands are in the pocket, the painter perhaps unintentionally, or even intentionally escapes the difficult point in his work, that is the hand. Although there is no hand in the picture, you can imagine it is there......This is called ingenious method. The painter of the is still the master-hand Kramskoy! He has been creating portraits through the thematic plot style , a typical image of Russian female intellectual of a blooming youth, with persistence and determination, a myriad of thoughts and emotion, is vividly portrayed. The author believes, Kramskoy is a clever painter. He focuses on the heroines facial features, all the feelings are let out......When at this time, the detailed description including the hand etc. immediately seems to be redundant; however, the very gentle and beautiful hand of the heroine can be felt by you, the artistic know-how of simplifying something by cutting out the superfluous, starting something new in order to be different, which is in common use here! There is another edition of Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa, handed down from ancient times: Mona Lisa portrait ends at the upper breast, no hands underneath. But for a moment of appreciation, reappearing in memory, extending in imagination, you can immediately feel the existence of hands, just like willow praising spring: gentle; bright and tender; plump; noble! All of these are the carriers of superhuman strength of Da vincis art!

  (Two) Grand master Baichuans blending the beauty of the Chinese and Western While commenting on the person in the picture, the ancient maxims of the ancestor, the vivid portrayal is right in the eyes today is still of miraculous brightness. For example, Dongs work , the blush whites of the eyes, clearly confessing suffering of the days and years; In the vision with highly lifted gazing eyes, looking forward to the future development; :trying to hold back heart-felt emotion, cunning and naive eyes; : Applying a light makeup in order to presenting oneself before a monarch, the self-beautifying and self-confident eyes; : hidden bitterness, sadness, to speak but without words, there is no need to say, with feeling or without feeling, after all there is feeling. The changes in temperature, prosperous and desolate......the countless reading, the depth of eye connotation can be compared with Mona Lisa......There is no need to give unnecessary details, the painters eye language is well established. But I am bold to open another vision field, commenting on skills through hands, and then comparing with the numerous wonderful master-hands in the world , What will happen to Mr. Baichuan? His characters second face still aesthetically exists?

  Or speaking by means of the works, the typical artistic example is as follows.Women Resting : the protagonists hands with automatic speaking, fingers exaggerated, right hand finger joint stiffness is sensible, huge feet (Note: Hands and feet are brothers.) seem to rush out of the picture and talk to me. Chuckling to Oneself : greatly covering the nose and mouth and delighted, the hand is the protagonist. The lines of the hand are clearly counted, the painter has taken her pulse. The index finger slightly raised, the little finger adducted, it is hard to hide the knowing joy. The handgrip is so big, as a result that the nasal cavity collapses under the weight of it. : for the little girls right hand index finger and middle finger, the gap exaggerated, the curvature characteristics reasonable displays the character trait.: four hands with different poses, two are exposed, two are concealed, one spreading out, three curling up, the upper left is point image, the lower right is in line. The left hand of woman at the side seems to talk endlessly, obviously the masculine hand tells about the years of experience and toughening under wind and rain. , , , , the hands of central figures are all flickering, trembling, its rhythms are all sensed to be active. In Resident in Mountain No.7 the left and the right hand are having a conversation. Though the left hand is at the top position, the left hand has more delicacy: the poses of five fingers are all different, the little finger especially is rich in expressive force. Resident in Mountain No.9 can feel the down-pressing strength of protagonists hands: the force is a big higher, as if to prevent the rabbits underneath from jumping out. The language of hand vividly states the sincere and simple Resident in Mountains natural color of the protagonist. In Resident in Mountain No.16 the left hand is at the top position. The face and hands are lined and wrinkled, the days are bitter and difficult. Hand, fine-grained tendon, with self-respect, self-confidence, prideAs for the wonderful invisible hand, please appreciate , , , , : completely no hands, but you can feel the vivid existence, No hands here but outdoing the existence of hands; and then , you may open your mind, going straight to the heart and soul! Obviously, Not having is better than having, the technique comes from master Kramskoy, also with the influence of Da Vincis artistic superhuman strength; but its artistic leading ideology still is rooted in traditional Chinese culture! It can be said, in terms of the painting theme, the hands of Baichuan, obviously are granted with instructions from Polenov, Repin, Poussin, Rubens, Delacroix, Raphael, Da Vinci; naturally , like Lothurr Leighton, Giorgione, Rubens, Caravaggio, he is unable to avoid blemish. The inevitable conclusion for understanding the works is : Baichuans language of hands is completely eligible for being listed in the new centenary classics for artwork.

  What is being talked about the most, is the hands of Baichuan, the hands of Chinese people. Its beauty integrates the Chinese and Western : Chinese Confucian orthodoxy, original temperament, being rustic, soil tone, bottom material, Westernperspective, dissection, materials and supplies, technique. There is no need for redundant proof, two cases are sufficient. Firstly, about the Chinese, in InheritanceRubbing from a Stone Inscription series, using and as the background, the copying vigor of strokes, shows the wish of inheritance from painting and calligraphy of Chinese culture, the spirit of the Mighty One (Kids Kung Fu) is splendid, achieving a lot. Secondly, concerning western, working hard on the theory of painting for Bridgmans body structure. George Bridgman once had an intensive study of Michelangelo etc. of masters during the Renaissance period, but he didnt worship blindly, his achievement lies in the combined efficacy of the extensive knowledge structure. Bridgmans Body Structure Painting Education has vivid explanation with graphical method for human limb and all the dynamic change; including the anatomy of all the human structure. The author believes that : 1. Nature has standardized all the hands based on the mechanical and dynamic principle; 2. The ancient Egyptian mummys hands, though already thousands of years, still has no difference from todays hands, the hand bones of the prehistoric human are the same; 3. Over 90% of the hands are standardized by its unchanged application rule; 4. For the hands in the picture and carving, they have had big changes in different

  years, the cave dwellers depicted signs and patterns on the walls and roofs of the place where they inhabited and tools, including the hands, displaying the characteristics of that age. (see Page 204 of the book, Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House (Bridgmans Complete Guide to Drawing from Life (Originally published in 1961 Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016, United States of (America.Nov. 2008, the 2nd edition, the 4th printing (US)written by George Bridgman , translated by Xiaoou Xinxin Ono)In terms of the theory of Bridgman , Mr. Dong has worked hard on sitting on a cold stool, and painted the entire work from the beginning to the end, what ones heart admires, the hands follow; learning to practice his own. In a word, the hands of Baichuan can be the outstanding and wonderful Chinese hands; Baichuan , the great master naturally becomes the Chinese national hands beautifully blending the Chinese and Western learning.

  Two. Characteristic connotation quality of Mona Lisa

  Reviewing the worlds oil painting history (including but not limited to the history of oil painting, may be extended to cultural history), the most typical one such as , subtle and mysterious, it is hard to guess and understand. For every classical work, all is as mysterious as this without exception, only the mysterious one may be called erudite. For the time being, I shall refer to the characteristics of the kind of works as: being rich in Mona Lisas connotation qualities. Dong Baichuans works can be placed on the list of being rich in Mona Lisas connotation qualities. Mona Lisas connotation qualities firstly lie in the works rich in the nature worth being studied, rich in the proving significance of humane studies and abundant academic proof value. In which, the real details of the realism is one of the important contents. If you would like to read and understand Baichuan, just proceed from the real details of the realism.

  True and reliable typical environment. InheritanceRubbing from a Stone Inscription series has taken the Chinese calligraphy as the humanistic typical environment of characters in the painting. There are two types of rubbings from a stone inscription being used: Ou Yangxuns Inscriptions for Liquan at Jiucheng Palace and Liu Gongquans Mysterious Stele. No.8, . of the three paintings adopt Lius; the rest nine painting all use . , as the calligraphy logo, calligraphy as the totem of Chinese culture, are general knowledge; but for the conception of a painting, being used by the master-hand of Mr. Baichuan, despite of being bold and peculiar, it doesnt lose its nature worth being studied, trusted, of being truthful and reliable.

  Well-documented real details. InheritanceRubbing from a Stone Inscription No.1: Beautiful and slim jade woman, standing gracefully, with vivid eyes, concentrating on the book. Right hand is holding the first half of the booklet in accordion form. The title of the front cover is hidden, which cant be discerned. The already spread out page facing the audience, though the identifiable words likeEarlier on morning falling of the holy rain, thus hundreds of streams into one flow, but for the real historical contents, the spectator may be naturally confused. For such description, can its realistic detail truth stand up to the deliberate textual research? In view of this, the author shall have a try. The picture of Earlier on morning falling of the holy rain, thus hundreds of streams into one flow , obviously missing words, belongs to the broken statement. I learned to read when I was young, remembering the article in trance. Preface and Notes of Tang Dynasty Gathering Right Forces for Holy Doctrine with the article like : The heavy dusk night, candle light shining upon the darkness. Earlier on the morning, falling of the holy rain onto the fire house. Thus hundreds of streams into one flow. All converging at the sea.The picture of Earlier on the morning falling of the holy rain , thus hundreds of streams into one flow, just among the referenced Preface and Notes . After I supplement the words, and unpunctuate the writing,, it is established as : On earlier morning of (fire house), falling of the holy rain (for )moistening. Thus hundreds of streams (into one flow), taking on an excellent article !What the jade woman is reading , is just the paragraph of characters. Afterwards, study the painting technique of the great master: On earlier morning falling of holy rain , the word of after that is covered by left index finger; hundreds of stream into one flow , the word hundredsis covered by left index finger for the last stroke; the word stream after that , is covered by the page corner folded by the left middle finger. Reading the front cover again, though the book title is hidden, which cant be discerned, but based on the sentence of Earlier on the morning, falling of the holy rain onto the fire house. Thus hundreds of streams into one flow. All converging at the sea., the book titlemay be beyond any doubt; though only preface displays the whole character, doctrine has the half character, holyhas completely disappeared! Respectfully asking the gentlemen, is it not?

  Track-based characteristic connotation quality. Through the research of Dongs painting, I know well it is not easy to understand painting. For the painters, appreciator, , they all should take the pursuit of Mona Lisa connotation qualities as the first step for commenting on oil painting. Study carefully the characteristic connotation qualities , the author is attracting a jade, trying to list a formula in short: characteristic Mona Lisas connotation qualities =the supreme humanism with people from the whole world being my brothers and all things being my kind+a profound knowledge of cultural literacy+basic skills for realistic modeling+intimate knowledge and understanding and sensitive of real people and things+the enlightenment rendered by nature +the outbreak of creators inspiration. In which, inspiration =unremitting pursuit of infinite imagination for advancing+creativity of style gene for realizing the imagination artistically+contingency-formed creation which may come by something with luck , but not by searching for it. In which, the supreme humanism =loving of motherland, the people, mankind, nature, and the world, this is the most important premise for deciding everything. From East Dike Pieretc., we may feel the mental state of the painter, the deep love for people, for laborer, for life! , etc. all are permeated with the artistic flavor of the natural and original state, though there is nobody in the picture, actually someone is there. The person is not the other, just the painter himself!

  Three Outstanding talent of the country with harmony of Tao and skill Following the natural world . ( Lao Tzu chapter 25).Skilldesires to be in harmony with Taoand must be in harmony with Tao; the artistic Tao also means natures law.Herein,naturalnessis not others(not opposing artificial), originally from the law of sprouting, growing and developing of everything itself. The essence and core of artistic Tao lie in : art has its own respective law; artists must carry out artistic creation in accordance with the artistic laws. The artistic creation conforming to the artistic law, is in harmony with Tao in nature, not going against nature, I call it harmony in Tao and skills.

  Such as the rhythm.. Rhythm is not invention but discovery. Rhythm is the regular motion of world. The rhythm and universe were born at the same time and live at the same time. The sun, the moon and stars, the seas and oceans, rains, clouds and tides, trees, flowers and plants, cicada and birds singing, heart beating , spring sleeping and flowers falling, autumn harvesting and winter storing all are the movements with rhythms. Rhythm is the naturalness of all lives. The creation of Baichuan, attaches great important to rhythm: in his paintings, partly hidden and partly visible, the rivers and streams of the delicate and ingenious symmetrical lines among them, the outlines, colors, light and shadow, people and things and sceneries and circumstances, all is rich in the implicit, subtle and infinite symmetry which can be tasted and appreciated.

  The harmony of Tao and skill is a concept, a starting point for devoting oneself to art; Harmony of Tao and skillis the requirement, is the practical requirement for creator by art; The harmony of Tao and skills is a state, an important dimension for artistic evaluation category; The harmony of Tao and skillshas its starting point and no finishing point, just like a value for pi , infinite non-circulating numerical value; the limit, infinitely approaching but never reaching the finishing point, only likely to be what mentor Mao Zedong said to unify as much as possible. Thus , the ceaseless pursuit =artistic creation=ceaseless pursuit Dong Baichuan is the artist of harmony in Tao and skills; China has groups of Dong Baichuans , struggling on the road of harmony of Tao and skills firmly and tenaciously.

  Dong Baichuan is a iconic symbol. Chinese Dong Baichuans have occupied some important positions in the worlds oil painting gallery. This is absolutely not accidental, but inevitable. The necessity of the society, the age has already been demonstrated by many experts. What I want to supplement is only : this is due to the artistic law. For China, only the combination of Chinese and foreign art shall have the worldwide real creation. But , not limited to the Chinese, in terms of artistic creation, only the domestic and foreign combination is the worlds universal law. Just take Maximow as an evidence.

  The outstanding painter, educator Maximow has not only brought about the Russian and European artistic achievement to China, but also personally feels the charm of traditional Chinese cultural art, from this he has also added Chinese element into his creation. Maximow once repeatedly emphasized the significance and value of Chinese paintings. He once said : The excellent works of Chinese paining school contains the humanism and high degree of poetic realm, nature and life combine together wittily, its value is far beyond the Chinas national boundary. I boldly believe that Chinese paintings have entered the treasury of world art. Adding : The outstanding artistic technique of the ancient and modern Chinese painting painters , such as the bright and terse of picture composition, beautiful lines, vivid expressive ability and perfect rhythm and decoration, may be used for reference in the development process of Chinese oil painting nationalization. he also said: Just as all the other arts, Chinese paintings have never been sitting still, but developing easelesslyhe has already faced new theme and image, and having new qualitative change in terms of artistic form.(referring to , chief editor Xi Jingzhi, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House , Page 7; Page 11 , 1st edition , Dec. 2010)Just as what Maximov said, they are just the double evidences of Chinese and foreign combination and domestic and foreign combination .

  Nature and social society full of vitality having continued growth, new things and thoughts emerging in an endless stream. Even if advancing new poetries of 500 years ahead, they becoming obsolete when in millennium. Poems of Libai and Dufu being passed down through every tongue, so far already feeling stale.Each generation producing its own outstanding talents, each leading the literary excellence for hundreds of years. People of virtue of the older generation advocated creation, opposed imitation. The poetic style , artistic style, painting style change along with the era. Looking with a historical development view, each era has its characters representing and leading the literary excellence.

  Chinese Dong Baichuans are the talents of the country in the new century, they stick to the original for innovation in order to represent and lead the literary excellence, undertaking the important mission, then making the world brilliant! Borrowing the words of columnist Martin Jacques of the the world must adapt to the success of China Sohu 20120809 the the west has the psychology of sour grapes, the skepticism grows out of pride and prejudice. I believe, the public opinion is extremely reasonable, ready to introduce as the homology.

  It is of vital importance to have the world change its inertial thinking, for treating Chinese oil painting, it should be especially so.

Aug.20th, 2012