Today I watched the classic Oscar film Forrest Gump for the second time in my life, but was still deeply moved by it.
The film begins with a piece of feather floating in the air. Walk after the white feather, there appears the major character of the film. He was waiting there peacefully with the wore-out shoes for the coming bus taking him to Jenny, his Jenny. Just to kill time, he began to tell the nearby people his story, his incredible adventure, his own fairy tale.
The story covered his awkward childhood memories, his college life, his days in the army, his shrimping days on the ocean. Throughout all was his love with Jenny. All the story seemed a little amusing and ridiculous, but when you think for a second time you’ll find everything is making sense just so perfectly. As a boy with an IQ of 75 and braces on his legs, Forrest was always teased and bullied by others in class. All he had to do everyday was to run away from these people. One day, when chased by his classmates, a miracle happened, he no longer need the braces on his legs, he could walk on his own. After that, wherever he went, he ran there. Thanks to his unique ability of running, the 75-IQed boy could attend to college as an all-star football player. During the 5-year time as an athlete, he had gained all that an great athlete could get, becoming a member of all-star time in the states and being invited to the White House. He joined the army on graduating from college. There he met his best friend Budda who was born in a shrimping family. They decided to buy a shrimping ship together and to live on the sea. However, a storm may arise in a clear sea. Budda was shot and died in the Vietnam War. To keep his promise, he took all his money made from a ping-pong commercial to Budda’s hometown and bought a brand new shrimping ship. His disabled commanding officer also came to help. At last they made a fortune by shrimping after a destructive storm.
When talking of these adventure and strange success, you may think it ridiculous, you may also think an idiot can gain great success why cant I? In my view, this idiot’s success gets its own reasons. First of all, he has a great mother who can sacrifice for her son. His mother’s sacrifice made him a public school student. And that set the beginning of the story. Second he had the love from his mother and Jenny, which protected him from troubles and made him a true man. The next reason is that he got the character of perseverance from his mother. With this precious virtue, everything is possible now.
Though his life is quite smooth, his love with Jenny is pretty tough. Tough childhood memories made Jenny a rebellious girl. After exclusion from college, she became totally lost. Drugs ,alcohol were her best friends. She almost killed herself after taking drug from a balcony of a hotel building. These frightening experiences made her not have the courage to face Gump’s love. As a result, she ran away from him again and again. The last time she decided to move on from the past and start all over. After years’ departure, Jenny forgot the past and after all the twists and turns they were finally together.
Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. I think the theme of the film isn’t only about whether there’s a destiny or not. Through all the historical events happened in late 20th century, it imply us a vivid concept of the US spirit, freedom. I don’t know how to define freedom here, what I know is that it makes everything possible, for instance, it allowed for the success like Forrest. Forrest Gump’s fairy tale isn’t his own, it’s all states’ people’s fairy tale. And I think that’s also a theme of this outstanding film in history.

After finishing appreciating the film “Forrest Gump” ,I lost in deeply thought…

“Life is just like vairous pieces of chocolates that you'll never know which one belongs to you”.It means that the orbits of men are quite different besides Gump.

From studying in special school to play ball well,being a hero of Vietnam War,being the capital of the lobster ship ,running all over the USA.Forrest Gump achieved success what other normal people admire.

Although he was a physical disabled man when he was a little child,classmates often laugh at him,but he didn't bend to the unjustice,active living attitude broughe him his first miracle that his broken legs got well which is unbelieveble.Gump joinedthearmy and was assigned to Vienam.

When he was an adule,oneday,his teammates and him were surrounded by enemies,though Gump was the first people run away from the circle,the friendship made him get back andsave lots of his teammates.He was considered as a hero.It is his second miracle.

The whole life of Forrest Gump emerge lots of miracles which results from his brave and unafraid.We should learn the truth of life from him and use it to make our life wonderful.


A white feather dances in the wind with the music gradually from soft to strong.In the blue sky the feather shining brightly seems like an angle.How wonderful and peaceful the world is!The film 《Forrest Gump》 begins with the beautiful sence.It is a good start.At last,the feather appears again.It flies over the field,the house .It takes audiences to another magic world,and takes on a ture world to the audiences and stands for a miracle.

The film shows kindness,thankness,honest,

serious,bravry and all of beautiful things in our souls.It tells the story by Forrest Gump himself.He sits on the chair by the road and tells his experiences in his past time to the persons who are waiting for the bus.They come and go,however Forrest talking and talking.He doesn't mind what they are doing and how they are feeling .When I see the sences,I feel it risible.But this just accouts Forrest is a clinging man.

Forrest Gump isn't a genius man.He is even thought a big fool.In all his childhood,otherboys look down upon him and ofen laugh at him.But his mother regards him as a normal child and tells him that he is the same as the other boys.

One day he finds that he could run fast like wind.After thathe begin to run without any reason. Maybe he wants to escape from the unkind laughter and indignity.He may be a fool.But in the first he is a man.he has his own motions.He leads his life in his own ways and never complains anything and never gives up. Because of this,he gets surprising upshots every time.He escapes from the fiece fight.He is saw by several presidents and gets his lover he loves so much.What a luckey dog he is!Most people would think that they prefer to be a fool like Gump.

The story is very interesting.In addition,there are some moving plots.

When he is a child,his mother wants to sent him to go to school.She goes to school to talk with the headmaster,and finally she success.Anyone would clap for her.

When Jeny leaves him,he loses his direction.At this time there is only running in his mind.He reminds running and running.We can feel that he is so sad.Because he knows what love is.Suddenly he says only a word:I want to go home.He is tired and needs a rest.Home is always a bay for all of us.

His mother died finally,the people who loves him leaves him for ever.He sits next to his mother quietly.He thinks of his mother words:Life is like a box of chocolates.You never know what you gonna get.Maybe he can understand.

When he knows the little boy is his son,he is so nervous and afraid.what' is the child IQ?We can know he is kindness and unselfish.We believe that he would be a great father.

Although Jeny died,the code is consummate.Their little child is clever and their will be happy.

I appriate and like the film very much.One hand the film tells several stories clearly in limited time.The content is affluent and the tie of charactors is complex but clear.On the other hand ,we can get revelations from it.First,if you want to be happy,you must treat youself correctly.If you take your weakness seriously,it will be exaggerated and effect you in bad factors.In fact sometimes your weakness is just your luck.Second,when you intend to try somehing ,do your best.If only you put your heart into it and don't mind anything else,you will success.Third,be an honest and genuine man.You offer you kindness to others and in return you will get more.Last,we should treasure what we own now,and express your life freely.

The film worthes our attention.


Forrest Gump comes from a novel with the same name.The movie focuses on the various stages of the main character,Forrest Gump's life experiences.At the same time,this movie also includes many famous history events and people in America.

It won the Best Picture,Best Actor,Best Director,Best Visual Effects,Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing of the sixty-seventh Academy Award.

By watching this movie,I see a hard man with IQ of 75 try his best to do everything and learn about every parts of American life. It makes me to reassess the U.S.A. and rethink the nature of the past.Forrest's mama told him that life was like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're going to get.This sentence moved me a lot.That meant life was full of surprise and miracle so we should have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.What's more,it encouraged people to face difficulty .

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