With the help of the teacher, she began to see and hear the world around her through her hands.

As Darwin’s theory suggests, every life form, ranging from the tiniest plankton to our human beings, has their common basic meaning of life, namely, to hand your gene which is passed down by your ancestors down to your next generation. In this sense, life is just like a small boat full of genes, whose task is to drift from one side of the bank to the other. Some people criticized this theory by saying that it lowers our human beings to be equal to animals. But after seeing the movie Cold Mountain, you will find that even if the simplest aim of reproduction is definitely not easy to be accomplished. The world does not carry us casually. If we truly respect the miracle of life, we should pay our greatest tribute to the miraculous chance of being one of the human races.
What is the most priceless thing in the turbulent period of war? The faith to one’s country? The loyalty to your friends? Or the immortal love between a man and a women? No, although all of them enjoy grand glamour, none of them can take the place of the fact of being alive, for only by being alive can Inman and Ada keep their promise, can a mother protect her child. Actually, it is the responsibility to the beloved keeps all the men and women endure the torture of war and seize any opportunity for life.
In the movie, the women do much better job than men on the part of respecting life. They are prepared to sacrifice themselves at any time in order to protect their children, who are the carriers of the genes of their husbands. Sally, who once was so generous to provide Ada with free meals for many times, never let anybody go into her house since her two sons fled from the battlefields home. It is not until she witnesses her husband’s death for the protection of their children, is severely tortured by Teague and then sees her boys are shot to death by Teague is her radical change understood by Ada and Ruby. Sarah, another respectable woman, suffers from poverty, humiliation, and loneliness day after day, only to feed her infant who has never seen his father. “It’s pretty much you’ll get if you knock on any door of this warm. Man dead, women left”, she said, with no self-pity. But when the despaired woman gets outraged by the offense at her son’s life, she took away her enemy’s life cold-bloodily.
This war was first expected by men. When the young men got bored to their routine life, they expected something thrilling like a war, in which they can assert their masculinity and get opportunity to change their life. So they celebrate the coming of the war as they celebrate a festival. But in the war, they finally know the value of being alive. They flee, and many of them pay for it at the cost of their lives. Nor does the young town guard understand the meaning. He only gets his so-called “the confidence of youth”. He doesn’t’ respect life for he doesn’t take it as serious as his ambition. Finally he pays for it also at the cost of his life: he’s too young to understand life.
But not all men screwed it up. Through the war, Ruby’s father turns from a liar, a loafer and a tyrant to a kind father who begins to protect bravely. Of course the most remarkable role is Inman, who never lacks profound understanding 0f life. In the years when so many people lose their integrities, judgments, clear minds and souls, he keeps all of them until the end of his life. It seems that his way home, which contains so many pains, turns out to be a pity for he finally died when he just set foot on the Land of Cold Mountain. However, he realized his dream of returning home and marrying Ada. What’s more important, Foreshadowed by the Indian’s words that “there’s a plan; there’s a design for each and every of us. You look at nature: birds flies somewhere, picks up a seed, suits the seed out, play grows. Bird’s got a job; sheet’s got a job; seed’s got a job; and you’ve got a job”, and Ada’s mysterious smile on kissing dying Inman, he plants his own seed, a daughter, Grace Inman, an amazing grace of God who carries all her father’s gene of integrity, judgment, clear mind and soul. That’s why Ada finally says that “every step if your journey was worth it.”
At the end of the movie, Ada confessed: “this time of year there’s so much life everywhere, I can find you in all of it, as if you were still walking home to me.” This thought is not a impulsive one out of missing. It’s rational because Inman is the best representative of life, a grace God gives every one of us.


泼水节,英语为Water-Sprinkling Festival。

During the annual festival of the Dai ethnic minority group which dates back to thousands of years ago, people splash water on each other to pray for good luck, happiness and health.


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She learned to read books for the blind people.


The Water-sprinkling festival is a traditional folk activity in Dai nationality. Dai nationality is one of the ethnic minorities of China, most of them live in Xishuangbanna in southern Yunnan. The nationality believe in Buddhism and religious activities are frequent. The Water-sprinkling festival is actually the New Year of Dai nationality, and also one of the most solemn traditional festivals of this nationality. Usually, the festival takes place ten days around the Tomb-sweeping day and lasts for three or four days, generally in the Gregorian calendar on April 13 to 15, the three days.


On the first day, people row, put to rise(放高升, cultural and artistic performance; on the second day, people sprinkle water crazily; on the third day, the young men and women get together to lost package and exchange ofgoods.


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All the bookcases are full of clocks.


There are a lot of folk tales about the origin of the festival.Here is one.Long long ago,there lived a tyrant in the Dai village.He stopped at no evil.He burned,killed and looted wherever he went.No one could get rid of him,because he was very powerful.He was afraid of neither water nor fire.One day,he came across a beautiful Dai girl.He already had six wives and he wanted that girl as his seventh.So he married her.His wives,all kind-hearted women,utterly detested the barbarous acts of the tyrant and decided to kill him in order to protect the innocent people.However,they were too weak to challenge him.They had to wait.One day,the tyrant came back with lots of trophies.That night,he got drunk.The seventh wife,his favorite,thought it was the right time to act."Your Majesty," she said to the tyrant,"You're the strongest person in the world.So,you can live as long as you want." The tyrant was overjoyed.Being drunk,he was not as cautious as usual."My dear," he said,"I have a fatal weakness.If my hair twists around my neck,I'll die." His wife memorized those words.When the tyrant fell asleep,the women began to act.They twisted his hair around his neck,and the tyrant died.But as soon as his head feel onto the ground,a big fire began.The women had no choice but to hold his head with their hands,doing it in turns,one for a year.Each time one wife finished her turn and passed on the head,the others would splash water on her to wash away bloodstains.And splashing water on one another became a way to vanquish the devil and symbolically express the wish for better times ahead.Water splashing became a symbol of good luck,a way to wish good fortune to strangers,friends and family alike.


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He sent her to the hospital and paid her $7,000 bill because she was poor.


No other ethnic group in China is more passionate about water than the Dai people in Yunnan Province. Every year, they celebrate the New Year based on their calendar, by splashing water on each other, to rinse away sickness and misfortune. This year, between April 11th and 13th, the Dai people in Dehong Prefecture, celebrated the occasion in a special way. Lv Xuemei went to have a look.


On the morning of April.12th, a grand ceremony was held in Mangshi, capital city of Dehong Prefecture. This year, guests from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and India were invited to take part.


All Dai people, young and old, dressed in their finest, greeted the occasion of Bathing the Buddha, considered a holy ceremony, with the monks. Beautiful and fragrant flowers were put into the water before it was gently poured to wash away the dust on the Buddha statue. Song and dance performances were then staged.


At the ceremony, three world records were recorded, including the heaviest traditional Jingpo Ethnic Group steel knife; the biggest elephant-foot drum, a unique music instrument of the Dai Ethnic Group; and the most dancers, 1,450 Dai ethnic men, performing the elephant-foot drum together.


After the ceremony, people began splashing water over each other for fun as well as blessing to rinse away sickness and misfortune. Very soon it became a water splashing frenzy, as the wetter you get, the more luck you receive, and the happier you will be.


In the evening, a beauty pageant was held, with 47 girls from the Dai Ethnic Group from China, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar taking part, attracting thousands of spectators.


Monthiya Narongchai, Thai Participant, said, “I’m from Thailand, I’m happy to be here. ”

泰国参赛者Monthiya Narongchai,说:“我来自泰国,我很高兴来这里。”

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He ran home fast to tell his parents about the good news.



Today, math and science, and especially computer science, are popular subjects for Indian students.



  • 怀孕69式|孕期睡眠|上环|产褥感染|刮宫|习惯性流产|习惯性流产|保胎
  • 育儿囟门|螨虫|一岁宝宝身高体重表|宝宝受凉|完达山奶粉|宝宝肛门周围红|换牙时间表|儿童生长发育
  • 早教孩子叛逆期|烂布片|没有画的画册|蓟的遭遇|民歌的鸟儿|区别|各得其所|风车
  • 营养美食大蒜|杏仁|红枣|槟榔|百合|山楂|洋葱|花生
  • 保健养生爬山减肥|手脚冰凉|白醋泡脚的好处|手上长小水泡|私处洗液|手掌脱皮|女性生殖整形|解脲支原体
  • 生活用品婴儿车品牌|儿童积木|驱蚊手环|电子驱蚊器|儿童防晒霜|牙胶|婴儿指甲钳|孕妇吃鱼肝油对宝宝好好吗

You may also visit many other places of interest, such as Big Ben, River Thames and so on.

Her story has brought hope to many blind and deaf people.


Perhaps she will find a school here to work as a music teacher as before.

Of all the subjects I like math best.所有学科里我最喜欢数学。

When you arrive, your new family will meet you there.

There are over 75 students in each grade and we have 35 teachers.

In fact, India has twenty-two different national languages besides the official language.

He may also have been the first person to say that the earth is round, like a ball.

We will meet at the place where our bus stops.

It was the last day of the year and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock.

His father moved around the country to look for jobs, so he went to 15 different schools.


In England, people drive on the left, but in Russia they drive on the right.


In situations like this she wished she had a gun or some lethal weapon.


We should do something to reduce the damage to the minimal extent.


I have to eat medication to cure my cold.


Persons with diabetes suffer from improper metabolism of sugar.


Marathon runners need plenty of stamina.


Many migratory birds visit this lake annually.


children who pelted stones at the neighbors' windows.

他受过正统的教育, 却立意过著艺术家我行我素的生活.

After a very proper upbringing he chose to lead the Bohemian life of an artist.


She's certainly gone up in my estimation since she told the boss what she thought of him.

After she told her boss what she thought of him, I respected her even more.


He noted the disharmony between husband and wife.

He sensed that the couple were not in harmony.


He's suffering from an acute infection of the lower respiratory tract.


He was disqualified for the post on account of age.


Do you know who the film is dubbed by?

Do you know who voiced the movie?


The children cavorted in the water, splashing and ducking each other.

The children splashed each other in the water and pressed each other's heads.


There is a crater near the village.


The dispersal of the flowers' seed is done by bees.

Bees spread the seeds of flowers

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