Thoughts on Photography: Something about Camera18新利

  People draw research on history and care about history, maybe because there is too much for history to carry, and also too much uncertainty, search and assume. It is also history that large amount of grottos leave us real objects to research; it seem that the city wall heritage of Ming dynasty wants to say something. As a matter of fact, it has stood there for centuries. The old houses in hometown, pied walls, broken hooks, and the old trees in front of houses are all history, all these things make me think about the past time, are there any different with today?

  The devotees of grottos in the past and devotees now do not exist any more, but groups of tourists instead. The stories about Buddha still fascinate tourists, but they are just stories. Time passes; things are different now. Those Buddha statues lonely stand there watching the crowds walk away. It becomes quiet different feelings; it is quiet true for most ordinary people. Comparing with the fast development modern civilization, Buddha statues lag behind; they are not the religion of the nation. There exist another words, which relates Buddha: Buddha art and it rightly express this kind of situation. The aesthetic value and historical value of Buddha statues, as well as Buddha fresco have overcome their own connotation of cultivation.

  When Yungang Grotto was build, and how many wars she has suffered? How did the Longmeng Grotto was destroyed after emperor Wu zetian in power? If Buddha can really help people far away from wars and misery, how do so many wars come from? While in the past, Buddha has helped comforting souls of the people; there are lots of stories that are hard to tell.

  My latest visit Yungang Grotto was in May 2009. I drove to there from Beijing, and only wanted to shoot photos of the Buddha statue of No.1 grotto and the great dam in Xuankong Temple, which I missed last time. But when I arrived there, I found that the surroundings of the Yungang Grotoo has changed a lot. In order to applying for the world heritage, the surrounding buildings were removed, it was a huge project, and we do not know the result and fate? Maybe prevent for the catastrophe of the great dam. The great dam of Xuankong temple was on repairing that time, I had a bad luck, I did not get the desired photo which I missed shoot the great dam in last winter. Besides a regret, a little console arise from my heart, after all, we believe that we have avoided a hidden danger in todays TV program which full of disasters.

  The increasing economics and the god-given vacations urge the development of tourist industry, or so-called eye-economics. All tourist resorts crowd with tourists, what do eyes take away? There is another word which can explain this question, that is fast food economics. it is same with tourism. The sentence I have visited this place does not only write on many tourist buildings, but also in the heart of the people. It has become the stereotype, even through some of the travel agency has promote the in-depth travel concept. It is just expansion of the tourist resorts. Reading books is too tired, it is not the peoples need; traveling broadly and viewing the world is the need of the people who just get rich and have good life. More over, when we facing the theory of Do not loose from the starting line, besides the popularity of the childrens training-classes, that is the tourism, Chinese are fond of investing on education. The inheriting of the idea of holding high hopes for ones children is the great treasure of the Confucius culture. Nowadays, it becomes more intense and abnormal. It is also the tradition, but the Buddha statute has quiet different destination, maybe it because there is too much difference with modern concept of value.

  There are also lots of various competitions and entertainment programs in the festival. Eye-economics has occupied the brain of the ordinary people. The exiting feelings of people were stirred up again and again. After the exiting movement, there comes the feeling of looseness, Playing is just for the exited this kind of life attitude tells us the loss in our heat. Can religion take the job? Can Buddha take the job? Art is also a kind of religion, it can also cultivate people, and maybe art is the future religion? I do not know when the vacancy of the religion in peoples hearts will be ok.